Title: Le coeur qui ne cesse pas DU TOUT.

Price:€16~20 (With Frame)

Mixed media

Dimention: S4

L'artiste chichi herself experience. She  her most important gifts from God,eyes,beauty,other health, because of tragedies she met on her   half way. She learns the heart is her perfect doctor and tells the truth. She feels the heart will never die. 

chichi Life''series, which is composed of works where she paints about life from her real experiences and life. 


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chichi de Chiharu Kanai



Born in Gumma, Japan, in 1977, female Artist-Painter active in Japan/Europe (France, etc.), 100% self-learned artist, trilingual (JP/EN/FR)

Main works are paintings and any works in the genreless form, uncategorized artist whose works and life are trully artistique as well, where the way she has lived always full of light and darkness caused by tricks of God has affected.

2009-2011 she was attacked by inadequate medical treatments and has been long suffering from miserable aftereffects the whole body and mentally since then. Lost her most important gifts from God, her fine beautiful eyes (now visually-handicapped) ironically, and great beauty, in particular. She lost everything she had ever established and she loved. (She named this fate 'black curse')

2016 with these hardships, she came back as ''White Painter under Black Curse''.

2020 she s found herself suddenly awakened back from the long curse and sleep to this real world, where her loved one is.... the world is totally changed during her sleep.

Her Red rose times works so powerful and beautiful before the curse,

Her Blue pain times works so delicated as pitiful with unhangeable pureness after the curse,

and then...

it is really exciting to review and taste her works unstable, but her pure-white art nature that no one can immitate always stabbing straight into our hearts.

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