Title: Gofukuya (tailor's shop)
mixed media
Price on demand


Born in 1986.
From an early age, he was good at shaping and painting.
He graduated from the Department of Design, Faculty of Art, Kyushu Sangyo University.
I mainly study space design.
After graduation, he participated in the artists' group Muhosha and stage art.
Participated in group exhibitions, etc.

He suffered from epileptic mental disorder in 2017, and repeated hospitalization and discharge for 2 years.
He continues to have auditory hallucinations, and with the theme of being instructed, he begins to draw pictures as "auditory art".
More than 100 paintings, mostly in acrylic and oil paints.

~ 2019 ~

・In February, he held his first solo exhibition, "~ Personal Exhibition ~" at Cafe and Bar gigi in Kiyokawa, Fukuoka City.
・Participated in the March Art Complex ACT Art Award Exhibition.
・June "~ Personal Exhibition 2 ~" was held at Kiyokawa Cafe and Bar gigi in Fukuoka City.
・May: In the name of the Shimosaka brothers, he was in charge of the design of props for the space regeneration project Gekidan GIGA "Ielma" in the large hall of the Momochi Culture Center.
・June: He was selected for the National Art Center, Tokyo "Sōki Exhibition".
・June Shibuya Hikarie MONSTER Exhibition 2019 4th place prize.
・Participated in the MONSTER Exhibition 2019 Paris exhibition at Gallery Grand Etana in Paris in August.
・August: Received the Judges' Special Award from Independent TOKYO at Asakusabashi Hulic Hall.
・September: Participated in Fukuoka MITSUKOSHI Art Fair Asia 2019 Exhibition.
・In November "~ Personal Exhibition 3 ~" was held at Kiyokawa Cafe and Bar gigi in Fukuoka City.

~ 2020 ~

・February: Received a prize at the All Japan Art Salon Art Award Exhibition.
・February: Received a prize at New Art Zero Exhibition (With this exhibition and No. 0 exhibition).
・In March, won 6th place in the Excellence Award at the ACT Art Award Exhibition.
・April Participated in ACT Art Grand Prize Exhibition and Award Exhibition.
・July: He was selected for the current exhibition.
・In September, he won a prize at the Sanriz Art Sacre Festival.
・The art of September was selected.
・In December, he received the Excellence Award at the Art Salon Exhibition of Japan.


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