Title : BINDU Size: 15” x 15” Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


A Yantra is a precise geometrical diagram or object representing aspects of divinity. The Sri Yantra is a powerful sacred symbol and an instrument to help you connect to the divine within you. Aligning yourself with the creator within yourself, enables you to manifest with greater consistency and ease. In ancient Indian Scriptures known as Upanishads, the very first sound, was “OM”. According to Quantum Physics, the whole world is just made up of particles or strings vibrating constantly. “OM” is considered the sound of the vibrational energy, which pulses throughout the universe. This is why the sound “OM” is considered to have healing and balancing effect. The Yantra will illuminate your inner-self with all the divinity of the universe- try this to view the artwork in dark dark room!


Personal Profile:

A creative thinker who can come up with unique and innovative artworks.

A talented, passionate and hardworking Artist who has a track record of creating original pieces of artwork, through a variety of mediums. Belongs to a strong artistic background, with a history of excellent craftsmanship and with the ability to create art for either sale or exhibition. Can work with a wide variety of materials such as stone, glass, clay and metal to create superb two- and three-dimensional work. Right now, looking forward to associate and work for all exciting opportunities that are keen to employ and exhibit artists who have excellent creative, technical and visual skills.

Education: Level 3 – Diploma in Fine Arts (2 Years) from National Institute of Fine Arts, New Delhi                            2019

Higher Secondary School Certificate (Class XII) from St. Xavier’s High School, Mumbai                    1999

Majorly covered Painting artworks in all mediums like Charcoal, Graphite Pencil, Pencil colour, Pen, Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Soft Pastel, Water colours etched on Paper, Boards, Canvas, Stones, Glass, Clay, Metal and Walls in all sizes.

Areas of Expertise:

·         Artwork

·         Sketching

·         Painting

·         Texturing

·         Fine Art


“Antardarshan” - 13th Annual Art Exhibition, AIFACS, New Delhi                                                          2018

Mumbai Art Fair, Nehru Centre, Mumbai                                                                                                      2019

“SHAKTI”Celebrating the Spirit of Womanhood, DD Neroy Gallery &Aart Souqk6, Mumbai         2020


Organised and managed for 5 years a series of workshops for various group of more than 30 primary studentstwice weekly.

This required excellent planning and preparation as well as good facilitation andcommunication skills to co-ordinate these workshops smoothly.

Honoured to judge painting competitions for a couple of cultural events organised by local management bodies.

Manju Das (Artist)

New Ashiana Apartments

Sector 6, Plot No. 10, Dwarka,

New Delhi – 110 075 (India)

Mobile: +91 98 190 98638

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Compiègne sacred Art Festival

6th - 12 December, 2021

About the Festival

Sample Image The Compiègne festival of Sacred Art is one of the prominent cultural and artistic events to take place in the Paris vicinity. It opens its doors to you in welcome ... Read more about the festival

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