Title : Gauze Boat small blue

About my art: 

I like to experiment with various surfaces, such as wood and gauze. I paint on natural wood, which I source from local wood workshops. I treat the wood chemically first, then allow it to dry for a week. I paint on it in several layers, as the colours look different once they dry on wood. When I am satisfied, I varnish the wood for longevity. The colours stay fresh and vibrant for years with this treatment. I also paint on gauze material, which is first attached to the canvas in strips. Then I paint on it with a gesso, to make it blend with the canvas. Once it dries well, I start painting. As gauze absorbs colour fast, I have to apply many layers. It is a work of patience and time. But the result is different, very natural and fresh.


To enter my studio and see a beautiful piece of art which I have created is my inspiration. When I think of a painting and I know how I want it to look finally, and the result is as I had imagined it, it is a wonderful feeling. With the internet and media, the masters are there for us to see and learn from, and every day that I spend painting is a day well spent. 

I am fortunate to have a supporting family but most of all, I am fortunate to have a daughter who is my most severe critic – if the work is not up to her standards, she ruthlessly tells me so, and I am pushed to do better.

How I started painting:

I was always sure of making a career in art, simply because I loved to draw and had parents who supported this. When I got into Art school, I chose Commercial Art as a specialization, and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. I was lucky to start work in advertising and had a great career of 14 years in many international advertising agencies.

Once I was financially secure, I decided to pursue my first love, painting. My first show in 2013 was very well received. There has been no looking back since. I have been featured as an ‘Artist in a collection’ on Saatchi Art. I look forward to meeting, exhibiting, making friends, learning, exchanging ideas and techniques. I was fortunate to visit the Senlis Art Festival in 2019, as an exhibitor, and loved the atmosphere. A great way to see art from other countries, meet other artists and understand their ways of working.

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Compiègne sacred Art Festival

6th - 12 December, 2021

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