Artwork: Salamander’s Fear
Size: 1 ft X 1 ft 
Series: Resident Nostalgia
Type: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: 100 USD 

About the Artwork:

‘Salamander’s Fear’  is a story of migration and loss of one’s environment. Specifically it is based on the story of my eldest uncle who had to leave his village at the age of 12 years to make a living in a city(Calcutta). The  idea of personal space, home, daily routines and personal boundaries -  they changed for him overhight – and his loss of personal environment manifested in unique ways in how he built his life in the city. What we miss is very different from what we think we would miss – and the longing to go back to what we are missing haunts one forever. 


Compiègne sacred Art Festival

6th - 12 December, 2021

About the Festival

Sample Image The Compiègne festival of Sacred Art is one of the prominent cultural and artistic events to take place in the Paris vicinity. It opens its doors to you in welcome ... Read more about the festival

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