Title :Sohum - The Infinite Within
40 X 40cm
Acrylic on canvas

“So Hum,” in Sanskrit, means “I am That,” which in turn signifies that just as I exist in this universe, the universe exists within me too. Perhaps the easiest and also the hardest path that can connect us to the universe within and to the one around, is knowledge. Whether it is an educational book that leads us into the vast ocean of knowledge, or a work of fiction that can transport us to a parallel world, words woven together can create magic!

Artist’s Statement

Pablo Picasso once said, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” What I create is essentially a diary of my emotions, of the evolution of my state of mind through the years. I do not restrict myself to any medium or any subject in particular – whether it is a portrait in oil or a landscape in water color or acrylic, or a still life pencil sketch, each is a reflection of my state of mind at the point of creation and each brings me joy in its own unique way. 

In terms of style, I lean heavily towards realism, with an inclination towards impressionism at times. For me, the nature of the subject decides the strokes of a painting and I let the lines flow thereafter. While pencil sketching was the medium of my choice for a long time, I picked up oil and acrylic more recently and am intrigued by the versatility of both. 

I draw inspiration from the beauty that surrounds us in this world. A nomad by nature, travelling is one of the greatest loves of my life. Memories of my travels find their way on to the canvas in one way or the other, and has been inspiring me to create explore the genre of landscapes. On the other hand, portraits still remain my first love, offering the oportunity of capturing myriad of expressions across faces young and old, and the many tales that a pair of eyes can tell.

I find it to be magical that art can connect the artist and the viewer without a word being spoken. Like I said at the very beginning, my paintings reflect my emotions and my perspective of this world. If my viewer can connect to that emotion even for a few seconds and if that makes one smile, I will be satisfied. 

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