Title : The Cosmic Turtle
46 X 38 Cm
Acrylic on canvas


A little about what inspires my paintings. My paintings from Folk Galore series reflect different moods and emotions connecting cultures, traditions, nature and human way of living. They Express traditions and cultures across geographies, reflecting patterns. In form of a series it narrates the connect between nature and human ways of living. Feminine energy has long been looking for expression. Herein, in these paintings women can be seen exploring their freedom, movement in nature, connection with Mother Earth, nurturing themselves within the divine feminine space in Nature.


Paintings in Sacred Geometry are inspired from the geometry used in the design and construction of religious structures, other sacred spaces and other natural forms. This originates from the principle of geometrical construction of the entire universe. Each and every organism in this creation has a unique pattern which is exclusive and unique to it. Through these artworks I try to dive deeper into these structures Inspired from the geometrical construction of the entire universe. Inspired from the geometry used in the design and construction of the religious structures, sacred spaces and The Universe, comes different structural patterns which are the key to the creationand patterns Hand embellished seriesis a combination of traditional art forms and the embellishments done on prints and paintings using multiple mediums.

 Sculpting with clay for creating flowers, & metal embossing gives a three-dimensional effect to the art pieces. It adds to the overall effect of the art piece. Oil and Acrylic paintings come from all walks of life. Travel keeps me going. It helps me absorb the life around me and the feminine aspect of nature. This keeps the artist within me raring to explore and experiment. 


I experienced art through exploration and experimentation, and not with education. While my degrees in Economics and Business Management gave me an exposure of a different kind. My journey with art was triggered during my schooling days. My art teacher in school introduced me to colors, different art forms and mediums. Since then I have been connected to the world of art. This connect remained so strong through the years that I finally landed up picking art as my career. Being passionate about art, trying every form of art came very naturally to me. I also experienced art through knitting, embroidery, crochet, rangoli making and more. I think my style evolved working with different styles and mediums.

My corporate and teaching jobs happened, but I found solace in art. It was a realization followed with conviction during my journey that my heart was in art. Apart from self-healing, it connected me with so many other souls for enabling their healing. Being a part of so many homes with my loved and cherished art forms is a priceless satisfaction. This further motivated my exploration in styles and mediums. My connect with people transformed into mentoring art lovers to express their love for art. This has been extremely gratifying.

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Compiègne sacred Art Festival

6th - 12 December, 2021

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Sample Image The Compiègne festival of Sacred Art is one of the prominent cultural and artistic events to take place in the Paris vicinity. It opens its doors to you in welcome ... Read more about the festival

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