Artist's Statement
Making illustrations is building bridges for people to communicate with one another, listening to various voices from different corners of life. In the past 6 months we have been going through a dark and difficult time trying to survive and live in a Covid world. In addition to the scary virus, many of us are dealing with more challenges in many different aspects of our life: Coronavirus anxiety, loneliness or physical pain to name a few. Day after day, we feel terrified meeting new people. We try to stay and work from home as hugging and hand shaking can be “life threatening”. When we do encounter others, instead of a smile, we see a more suspicious and distant soul through one’s eyes...


Compiègne sacred Art Festival

6th - 12 December, 2021

About the Festival

Sample Image The Compiègne festival of Sacred Art is one of the prominent cultural and artistic events to take place in the Paris vicinity. It opens its doors to you in welcome ... Read more about the festival

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